Convenience is the best example of..

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Convenience is the best example of..

SBI Po's Special
 Marketing Awareness

 1.    Price is the -------- of a Product expressed in terms of .....
     a) Quantity, Money
     b) Quantity, Cost
     c) Value, Money    d) Value, Cost
     e) None of the above
 2.    Price is one of the four P’s of.....
     a) Product Mix
     b) Promotion Mix
     c) Marketing Mix
     d) Market Characteristics
     e) None of the above
 3.    Who said “Stock Exchange is an association of Brokers”?
     a) Pankaj Parshar
     b) Philip Kotler
     c) Vinobha Bhave
     d) L.H. Haney
     e) None of the above
 4.    Super Market is a form of ..... Scale Retailing
     a) Small    b) Medium
     c) Large    d) Any of these
     e) None of the above
 5.    Who among the following rela-ted to Merchant Middle Men?
     a) Wholesalers    b) Retailers
     c) Brokers    d) Both ‘a’ & ‘b’
     e) None of the above
 6.    What are the causes of high marketing cost .....
     a) Advertisement charges
     b) Packages expense
     c) Trade Mark Charges
     d) Transportation cost
     e) All of the above
 7.    Study on various stages of Distribution Network is covered under _____ Research
     a) Audit    b) Retail
     c) Trade    d) Panel
     e) None of the above
 8.    Effective Selling Skills depends on:
     a)    Number of languages known to the DSA
     b)    Data on marketing staff
     c)    Information regarding IT market
     d)    Knowledge of related markets
     e)    Ability to talk fast
 9.    The general objective of Marketing Cost Analysis is to:
     a)    Obtain cost data for selling expense budget
     b)    Determine relative profitability of various sales & marketing operations
     c)    Keep expenses in line with sales expenses
     d)    Analyze costs by territory
     e)    None of the above
 10.    Sales Promotion is a Sales Tool to be used as……..
     a) Short term sales stimulate
     b) Medium term sales stimulate
     c) Long term sales stimulate
     d) All of these
     e) None of the above
 11.    Sampling and Couponing are the effective tools for:
     a) Trade Promotion
     b) Consumer Promotion
     c) Sales Force Promotion
     d) All of these
     e) None of the above
 12.    If production and consumption of services takes place simultaneously, the process is called:
     a) Servuction
     b) Marketing of Intangibles
     c)    Production Process of tangibles
     d)    Direct Marketing
     e)    None of the above
 13.    Promotional Activities are also known as:
     a) Promotional Mix
     b) Product Mix
     c) Marketing Mix    d) Place Mix
     e) None of the above
 14.    ICDT means?
     a)    Investment, Communication, Transaction and Distribution
     b)    Internet, Carrier, Transaction and Distribution
     c)    Information, Communication, Transaction and Distribution
     d)    Internet, Communication, Transport and Distribution
     e)    Information, Communication, Transportation and Distribution
 15.    Which one of the following emphasizes Personal Selling:
     a) Pull    b) Push
     c) Personal Price
     d) Product Quality
     e) None of the above
 16.    The Dispersion Activity is mainly performed by?
     a) Retailers    b) Producers
     c) Suppliers    d) Wholesalers
     e) Stockiest
 17.    Which of the followings is/ are an element of Advertising .....
     a)    Non- Personal Communications
     b)    Personal Communications
     c)    Informal Communications
     d)    Both 'a' & 'b'
     e)    None of the above
 18.    Catalogues, mailings, telemarketing etc can be classified as:
     a) Advertising
     b) Sales promotion
     c) Public relation
     d) Direct marketing
     e) None of these
 19.    Which of the following is related to Personal Selling?
     a) Impersonal Activities
     b) Mass Communications
     c)    Use of Written, Oral & Visual Message
     d)    Face to Face contact with Buyer
     e)    None of the above
 20.    Convenience is the best example of
     a) Primary Buying Motive
     b) Secondary Buying Motive
     c) First Motive
     d) Complicated Motive
     e) Single Motive
 21.    Which of the following information creates problems of the Management?
     a) Paucity of Informational
     b) Oversupply of Information
     c) Tabulation of Information
     d) All of these    e) None of these
 22.    Marketing Strategy Consists of two main components. They are ... ?
     a)    Marketing objective and Promotion
     b)    Marketing mix and Marketing objective
     c)    Target market and Marketing mix
     d)    Target markets and Promotions
     e)    None of these
 23.    The focus of modern marketing also includes:
     a)    Customer relationship management
     b)    Product management
     c)    Efficient customer service
     d)    All of the above.
     e)     None of the above.
 24.    Which of the following term does not contain in ‘Product Life Cycle’?
     a) Inflation    b) Saturation
     c) Growth    d) Maturity
     e) Introduction
 25.    Who among of the following are the ultimate users of the Marketing Information System:
     a)    The customers of the firm
     b)    The decision makers of the firm
     c)    The competitors of the firm
     d)    Both ‘a’ & ‘b’
     e)    None of the above
 26.    Life Style Information helps to develop Promotional Strategies by .....
     a)    Giving a far more comprehensive profile of the target audience
     b)    Indicating as to how the product or the service fits into people’s life
     c)    Giving a Clue as to how people would respond to the given message
     d)    Only ‘a’ & ‘b’ above
     e)    None of the above
 27.    Concentric,Horizontal and Co-nglomerate are three types of ...
     a) Product Development
     b) Product Modification
     c) Diversification
     d) All of the above
     e) None of the above
 28.    Among the following forecasting techniques, which one is the Quantitative Method .....
     a) Panel Consensus
     b) Delphi Method
     c) Time- Series Method
     d) Market Survey
     e) None of the above
 29.    Product mix has Product Wi-dth. Product Width consists of:
     a) Product lines
     b) Product items only
     c) Product depth only
     d) All of the above
     e) None of the above
 30.    Which of the following Price Deals are a form of Promotions
     a) Consumer    b) Dealer
     c) Sales Force
     d) Both ‘a’ & ‘b’
     e) None of the above
 31.    Normally cost forms the..... of the price
     a) Ceiling    b) Floor
     c)    Cost is not considered while pricing
     d) a & c
     e)    None of the above
 32.    Which of the following method is used to decide the Advertising Method .....
     a) Market Share Approach
     b) Task & Objective Method
     c) Concurrent Test Method
     d) Both ‘a’ & ‘b’
     e) None of the above
 33.    Loss ledger Pricing, special event pricing, cash discounts are examples of:
     a) Psychological pricing
     b) Promotional pricing
     c) Geographical Pricing
     d) All of the above
     e) None of the above
 34.    Product Research deals with the problems facing the:
     a) Product Planning
     b) Marketing Planning
     c) Organizational Planning
     d) Administrative Planning
     e) None of the above
 1) c    2) c    3) d    4) b    5) d
 6) e    7) c    8) d    9) b    10) a
 11) b    12) a    13) a    14) c    15) b
 16) d    17) a    18) d    19) d    20) b
 21) b    22) c    23) a    24) a    25) b
 26) d    27) c    28) c    29) a    30) d
 31) b    32) d    33) b    34) a.

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